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GISH Hall of Fame 2020

Welcome to the world’s weirdest, wildest, most beautiful and strange images and videos from the
Greatest International Scavenger Hunt!

The submissions below were selected by HARSHers, Misha and the Judges to be the best of the best of GISH 2020. Enjoy exploring the weirdness! Browse through them, or click on an item number to see the top submissions.

Item 14: Tie-dye something that definitely, absolutely, should not be tie-dyed. (You can use homemade vegetable dyes, if you like.)

Team ALeafOnTheWind

Comment: Sarah Gielow

Item 249: The Sqroose is loose! Make the largest felted 2020 GISH mascot you can, all out of dryer lint and/or pet hair. Really make it large and menacing, like most moose and squirrels are. Give our Plushie some competition!

Team RedactedPterodactyl

Item 167: Fashion has a huge carbon footprint: the textile industry contributes around 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions as well as 20% of global waste water, while 85% of textiles end up in landfills or are incinerated when most of these materials could be reused… to say nothing of the "fast fashion" clothing that doesn't wear well and ends up discarded. But we're changing that. Go through your closets and remove any clothing or linens that are not even donation-worthy anymore. Make the most fantastical rag-and-scrap-overalls ever created and model it as befits such a magnificent creation--with you hard at work in a garden or garage. You may waste NOTHING.

Team ARGonuts

Comment: It is my new favorite clothing. It turned out so comfy. hihi. And the pink fluf just makes it really fashionable. Made by Chantal Drok, Netherlands, team Argonuts.

Item 17: American politics in a nutshell. Literally. - Brio444

Team ArrestedDevelopment

Comment: I tried not to be so divisive but unfortunately that is the world we live in. -Michelle

Item 34: The Ballon d'Or, France's highest football award, will not be awarded this year due to COVID shutting down the season for so many players. But that never stopped Gishers! So we're awarding the Balloon d'Or - a contest pitting teams from every cabin against one another. Over Zoom, each team member must attempt to keep a balloon suspended in mid-air without clever edits and without touching it - breath-propulsion only, please. The GISH Team to keep their balloons aloft the longest will win the 2020 GISH Ballon d'Or. Submit your video with a comment stating how long the balloon was held aloft by your best player.

Team SneakyPickle

Comment: Winner: Heather from Cabin Dinomite, 6.46 seconds Team SneakyPickle