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Item 169: Speaking of some things you still can’t tell people, there’s something you still haven’t been able to tell yourself. Write a poem of self-acceptance, looking directly at an issue you’ve long kept buried or ignored. Use the poem as an opportunity to forgive yourself and accept your all-too-human flaws. (This is still a shameless plug.)

Team VeniVidiGishi

Comment: It has been hard for me to look in the mirror the last few years, especially because I am a major advocate to *OTHER* people to love yourself no matter what, etc. It's hard to admit that I buy in to the idea that I am no longer a woman, that my value is diminished, and that I am obsolete as I age. - Briar J.

Team ActaNonVerba

Comment: I consider myself an open book, yet I have never spoken about the topic of my poem. It was the first thing that came to mind though and it felt very raw to write about it. And now submitting seems like freedom.

Team Wayward_Sunshines

Team KAZ2Y5

Team Outatime

Comment: This was therapeutic. Thank you!

Team PhoenixAtTheDisco

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