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Item 50: Every Gisher has the soul of an epic poet, and we can prove it. Each member of your team should write one line of an epic poem on social media about overcoming hardship so that it flows brilliantly as a cohesive piece.
  1. The Captain of your team should post this as the first line of your poem: "We've got work to do… #GISHEpicPoems"
  2. Then, each active member of your team should chime in with a subsequent line (and ONLY one line) of poetry in a threaded post, each tagging #GISHEpicPoems.
  3. At the end, the Captain should post: "But nothing ever really ends... does it? #GISHEpicPoems" and tag another team to continue the thread.
  4. If your team is tagged by another team, continue the thread with Step A.
Your poem may not be about any fandom or feature any pop culture characters. Submit an image of your finished poem and then also submit it HEREin text. (If any of your teammates cannot access your team's chosen platform due to censorship or restrictions in their country of origin, and you have no other social media platform options that are fully inclusive, the Team Captain may post the line they have authored in their stead and tag it with the author's username.)

Team RightHereRightMeow


Team ScreamInsideYourHeart

Team Spaceducks


Team Mishamigas

Comment: Getting all 15 Mishamigas to participate in this was so rewarding. Several felt they did not have poetic expertise - but EVERYONE joined in - despite one member losing her favorite uncle due to Covid during the hunt, one member's father having a heart attack (he is in the ICU and doing better), one finding out the day before the hunt that she had to pack up and move, and many others struggling and working - but we all found time to come together here! Enjoy our Mishamigas GISHEpicPoem

Team RunningGag

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