GISH Hall of Fame 2018

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Item 64: On Twitter, @EugeneLeeYang submitted a proposal to have a gathering of people in blue jeans in Eugene, OR. While brilliant, we think this effort should be more inclusive. Gather as many people as you can named after a city or town in the city or town named for them with an obvious tie-in. (Franciscan monks in San Francisco, Angels in Los Angeles, and so on.) Bonus points to the biggest gathering and most awesome tie-in.

Team Schnitzeljaeger

Team Cas$assins

Comment: A bunch of emo people in the town of Emo.

Team vitruvianmonkey

Team MalevolentHedgehogs

Comment: Athenians in Athens, Georgia. We posed with the statue of Athena centered in front of the famous Classic Center.

Team Gnomad

Team WINCHESTERFREEWILLLovesParagonsofParadox

Comment: Had a blast dressing up. Even got my mother in law to come out, not easy for her. Green outfits, green hair, in beautiful Greenfield WI.

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