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Item 53: Some places are inaccessible to people with disabilities, and that’s not writTe. Find an area in your community that needs an accessibility makeover, then create a poster explaining the problem with a QR code to a petition lobbying for accessibility. Post it by the offending location and after the HHunt, bring it to your local legislators or business owner and fight to get the change made. - Rachel M.

Team CastielEnergies

Team Subtext

Team WaywardArchangels

Comment: Credit to Bonnie

Team jellygishMINIfinger

Team GISHKeteers

Comment: There’s only one (1) handicap parking spot by our main office/mailroom, and everyone uses it to park in temporarily to pick up their packages. The main office does not stop them. So I made a petition to add more handicap parking to the main office parking lot so that disabled drivers can actually park conveniently! And this poster is posted in our mailroom! I hope I can make a difference to help my fellow residents! -Katie O’B

Team ALeafOnTheWind

Comment: This is a project I've been working on for about 6 months after a staff member approached me for support after a student dropped out of school. It's illegal in the UK to not have reasonably accessable places, and a student shouldn't have to miss out on education because they can't access facilities, but it's been difficult to get anything going through covid, so to be able to do this task to help spread the word will help and hopefully get a lift installed

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