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Item 38: Every string quartet usually has one musician per instrument — but here at GISHCorp, we're job creators who encourage collaboration. Play "A Little Help from My Friends" by the Beatles on four traditional stringed instruments, but each instrument must be played simultaneously by at LEAST three musicians— two doing bow work or pizzicato on the same instrument while another does the fingering — for a dodecatet at minimum. Bonus points for the team with the most people playing a single instrument at once.

Team GottaBeCrazy

Comment: Three bowers, three pizzicato artists, four fingerers, and two percussion = 12 people turning heads at the local music studio...

Team GratuitousKaraoke

Comment: We briefly managed to get as many as seven people playing a single instrument!

Team Scrumtrulescent

Team JunklessJeffersons!

Comment: YouTube added a second! I swear it was 14 seconds.

Team GiddyUp

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