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Item 29: Reflecting on the beauty of connection & small, ordinary things gives me hope when things get rough. Use the GISH app (iOS & Android) to connect with at least 10 other Gishers and create a collaborative poem about the things that connect us. Each Gisher must contribute exactly one line to the poem.

Team Dante'sHellhounds

Team #

Team SunnydaleGirlGangLovesMagickalRabbitLovesNoPupOuttaYouLovesWhichWayIsNorthLovesWINchester’sGirlsLovesWayward_GarrisonLovesTrainstationLovesteamnoteam

Comment: The poem above was made by the delightful collaboration of the following remarkable GISHers: Mysterychix, PosseMagnet, angel-kink, Junomac, NinaEllisFrischmann, Hann.Dougie, tpogue, Amethyst2020, Wayward-Trixie & Oneillc78

Team WhatIsYourDamageHeather

Comment: #CatapultsForever

Team DontGishSoCloseToMe

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