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GISH School of Wizardry & WTFery: GASTROEGYPTOLOGY with Seamus Blackley
Missed the livestream? Watch it here!
Livestream Challenge: The Plague Period has felt like a never-ending story and it’s time to break the spell — by breaking bread. Bake a loaf of bread in the shape of an Auryn (a twist on the ouroboros, an Egyptian snake-symbol perpetually in a cycle of self-regeneration). Submit an image of your bread with a recipe beside it written by the elders. To complete the spell and help us all rise together, you must eat the bread after you submit your picture.

Team InfinitelyScratchin

Team NevilleGunnaGiveUUpLovesTeamCatSteel

Comment: My family is so excited to break the spell and eat this! Loved the Zoom with Seamus and I hope his tour comes our way!

Team CapelessCrusaders

Team MISHAwakansLovesHobbitsUnited

Team Scrumtrulescent

Team Mishapocalypse

Comment: Noel Hubbard

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