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Item 26: You’re in your own little world, and here’s proof: Create a hand-drawn, Tolkien-style map of your “perfect world,” tracing your journey to date with a metaphorical destination you hope to achieve. Highlight important stops and achievements you’ve had in your life’s adventure along the way so far.

Team MatchaSrirachaAndMarauder


Comment: I lived a number of streets away from where Tolkien spent his later years and, subsequently, where he passed away. I grew up on The Hobbit and felt that this Gish challenge would be a nice tribute to a book that I hold dear. I work in the Television Industry and this map showed me just how far I've come. Thank you for the item, Team GISH, it was enlightening to work on. From MissTeaGuzzler

Team 21GlueGunSalute

Team WitchesOfWinchester

Comment: Didn't realize I would cry while making this. Lessons learned, and joyful moments recorded. The ship memorials really got me.

Team High571

Comment: I'm directing toward the Mettle-proving Dungeon. Whish me good luck!

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