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Item 31: In the past, stained glass windows usually depicted flowers or devotional symbols like angels and saints. But modern culture venerates a different group. Create a stained glass window of a Kardashian, famous Instagram Influencer, or similar personality with more than 4 million followers. It must be someone who is worshipped simply for being worshipped for being famous. You may not use anyone from the cast of Supernatural. Bonus points if it's installed in an actual cathedral.

Team LethalCardigans

Team Mishap

Comment: Most vapid internet celebrity? Perhaps. But he has 15 million Instagram followers, so I guess he's worthy of being a false idol. Maybe? -Daina


Comment: Christ's Church Cathedral in Victoria BC (supposed to be Kim K)

Team ThatwasScary

Team TeaTime

Comment: This was great to do, and took me a lot of time ... and I broke it... at least I took some photos before. - Gio Guimarães

Team SurroundedByIdjits

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