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Item 144: You thought they said, “Get Out the GOAT.” Be the Greatest Of All Time by co-hosting a voter registration booth with a goat.


Comment: This is Lucky the pack goat! She was such a mugger for the camera!

Team BunkerOfDoom

Comment: George was very enthusiastic about helping to man the booth. He wanted to take all the forms to hand out himself (and my button, and the voter registrations sign...)! ~Amanda

Team chuck'sangels

Comment: Don't try to set-up in a goat pen with goats running amok. They took my table cloths!! I took them away just in case it upsets their tummies. Also, it was a windier day than anticipated, but this pic will do. They surrounded me an never left me alone while set-up... but when I needed the photo ... they all buggered off! Colleen Dontigny

Team WaywardUnicornsLovesThe_Outsiders

Comment: Idgy the goat is very serious about telling people why they should vote! Also goldfish crackers are an absolute must to get goats to do what you want!! -Lori

Team Scrumtrulescent

Comment: Her name is Pikachu. That is all.

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