Gishwhes Hall of Fame 2016

Welcome to the world’s weirdest, wildest, most beautiful and strange images and videos from the
Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!

The submissions below were selected by Fegvepians, Misha and the Judges to be the best of the best of Gishwhes 2016. Enjoy exploring the weirdness!

Item 62: There’s one thing everyone has always agreed on: you have mad artichoke-repurposing skills.

Team SpaceCowgirls

Comment: This year I discovered just how beautiful artichokes really are, that making scale mail out of them is harder than it sounds, and that my son looks bad ass in veggie armor!

Team Dusty-poniesLovesAllTheBeesKneesLovesHalpertsfaceLovesDownTheRabbitHole

Comment: I'm ready for a night on the town, complete with cocktail dress, shoes, choker and earrings! Everything is made with green and purple artichokes, and purple rose petals. I wish I could wear this every day!

Team NefertitiNipSlip

Comment: It mighta choked Arty, but It ain't gonna choke Stephie!

Team InfinitePinappleLovesStarfishSquad


Comment: We learned our teammate needs to open her own artichoke-repurposing store! -[REDACTED]

Team PaintedCryptids

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