Gishwhes Hall of Fame 2016

Welcome to the world’s weirdest, wildest, most beautiful and strange images and videos from the
Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen!

The submissions below were selected by Fegvepians, Misha and the Judges to be the best of the best of Gishwhes 2016. Enjoy exploring the weirdness!

Item 147: As we all know Matt Cohen is legendary for taking off his shirt to raise money for charity. His 6-pack abs have single-abdominally raised thousands of dollars for great organizations like Let’s thank his abs for their altruistic humanitarian work by using Photoshop to digitally remove his abs and then place them on a vacation around the world. (Unfortunately Matt can’t make this trip himself as he’s busy shooting his TV show.) His abs can visit anywhere on the planet that you can capture in an image. Let’s make sure they have the proper tourist accessories, too.

Team Tea-and-Pancakes

Team DancesWithBooks

Team EstroGoose

Team FreeWill

Team Scrumtrulescent

Comment: We'd just like to say that Matt's abs are welcome in Finland any time, just contact us if they need a guide!

Team KaleifornicationLovesyfirnáttúrulega

Comment: I did learn that Abs are hard to send around the world. That is all.

Team BubbleBuddiesLovesLazarusLovesTheJawlinesAndTheHairLovesClockworkAngelsLovesEmotrashLovesSapphosaurusesLoves868Chardonnay-naysLovesBbchduhin

Comment: Now I Want to go on Matt Cohen's Ab's vacation!

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